Heather Sparrows's Slash Pages

My name is Heather Sparrows. I'm one of the German slashers. I have a livejournal. My live journal. Feel free to write me at kargoo at arcor.de.

Some of my From Eroica With Love stories have been published in zines:
In Iron and Silk 2007:
  • Good Old-Fashioned
  • In Rose Vines and Wire Ropes 2004:
  • The Fifth Season

  • From Eroica With Love

  • And How Was Your Weekend
  • Not The End of the World
  • Sloganmaker
  • The Fifth Season

  • Current time:
  • Good Old-Fashioned
  • Crossover, historical:
  • ... That Has Such People In It!
  • Curly Tails and Tusks
  • Curly Tails And Tusks
    Lazombinella said she drew this delightful picture after reading this story.
  • Collab with Anne-Li Mell:
  • The Curse of the Eberbachs
  • Snippets
    BBK Productions (song vid)

    Sleepy Hollow

  • The Strange Case Of The Reverend (Sleepy Hollow/Dracula gen)
  • The Straight Story:
  • The Straight Story
  • Special Methods
  • Wherever You Go:
  • Wherever You Go
  • Another Time, Another Place
  • Snippets


  • I Have Not Forgotten
  • Humor:
  • A Story In Fifteen Short Notes (collab w. Anne-Li)
  • Magic and Moving Pictures
  • Someone To Walk With Me
  • Someone to walk with me
  • Nameless Island
  • Snippets